About the Journal

Publication Charge: The publication process is free in Culture, Education, and Future (CEF). There are no express or hidden fees during the entire publishing process. Authors and readers can access articles free of charge at www.cefjournal.com.

Publisher: CEF is published by the Association for the Advancement of Interdisciplinary Education Studies (AAIDES)

Publication Language: CEF accepts manuscripts only in English. Authors could use either American or British(-ise) spelling for their manuscript; however, one style should be used consistently throughout the manuscript.

Publication Frequency: CEF is published twice a year, in June and December. 

Publication and Evaluation Process: Manuscripts submitted to the journal are reviewed by two researchers (double-blind peer review). Manuscripts are published or not published according to the reviewers' evaluation reports. The article evaluation process takes approximately two months. The author/s are responsible for any errors (if any) in the published articles. Articles must not have been previously published.

Note: For more information, contact: editor@cefjournal.com