Plagiarism Policy

Culture, Education, and Future (CEF) utilizes plagiarism detection software to confirm the authenticity of submitted manuscripts. Although authors are accountable for ensuring the originality of their manuscripts, the software serves as an extra precautionary measure. Based on the originality check results, the editorial team may request explanations, evidence, or revisions from the authors.

CEF strongly oppose any form of unethical copying or plagiarism. It is not acceptable to reproduce text from other articles (plagiarism) without properly citing the source or to produce a large number of articles with almost the same content by the same authors (self-plagiarism). It is unethical to submit the same results to more than one journal at the same time. Review articles are the exception. Authors may not present results obtained by others as their own. Authors should appreciate the work of others used in their research and cite publications that have influenced the direction and course of their work.

*Prepared by the publisher, reviewed, and approved by CEF Editors and commissioned Editorial Board Members. Updated on 28 March 2024.